Crimes Solved

Shoplifting/ Assault

UPDATE 04/01/2016:  Suspect in this case was identified and is currently in custody.

Virginia Beach Police are looking for a man who stole merchandise from the Walmart at 4821 Virginia Beach Boulevard on March 12, 2016.

Police say the man in the security photo entered the store around noon and proceeded to conceal merchandise and then passed all points of sale without paying.  He sprayed a loss prevention officer with pepper spray when confronted about the merchandise.

The suspect is described as being 5’7″- 5’8″, 130-150 lbs, with short twisted dreads, and gold upper and lower teeth.

The man was last seen running east on Virginia Beach Boulevard.

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Abandoned Boat

Virginia Beach Police need assistance:

On February 6, 2016, a boat was found sinking in the Marina at the Lynnhaven Boat Ramp on Piedmont Circle in Virginia Beach.

The sailboat was seen smoking in the water of the Marina with about five teenagers in and around the boat.  They appeared to be all white males and females.  One female had long blonde hair.  As soon as the boat started smoking and sinking, the teenagers got out of the boat and got into black Chevrolet Silverado with unknown tags and headed westbound on Shore Drive.  The truck also had a boat trailer attached to it.

It appears from examining the sailboat that the intention was to sink it, as the keel was cut off, the mast was cutoff, and holes were cut specific areas to ensure that it would sink.

Police need help in identifying the teenagers that brought the boat to the Marina as well as the last owner.

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Repeat Shoplifter

Virginia Beach Police need assistance:

On 06/29/15 at 7:05 PM, the pictured suspect entered the ABC store at 3333 Virginia Beach Blvd.

The suspect put a bottle of tequila into the front of his waistband and covered it with his shirt.  He carried a second bottle up to the front counter, but claimed that he forgot his wallet.  He put the bottle on the counter and left the store without paying for the concealed bottle.

On 7/4/15 at 5:17 PM, the pictured suspect again entered the ABC store at 3333 Virginia Beach Blvd.

The suspect entered the store at 1716 hrs. and walked straight up the center aisle.  He put a bottle of tequila in his waistband, covered it with his shirt, and walked straight out the front door.  He was in and out of the store in less than a minute.

On 8/12/15 at 8:37 PM, the pictured suspect yet again entered the ABC store at 3333 Virginia Beach Blvd.

The suspect put a bottle of tequila into his pocket and carried a bottle of vodka to the front counter.  He claimed that he forgot his wallet, left the vodka on the counter, and left the store without paying for the concealed tequila.

This subject is a repeat offender and is suspected of stealing nearly 30 bottles over the past 5 months.

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Strong Arm Robbery

Virginia Beach Police need assistance in identifying a suspect:

This offense occurred on July 20, 2015 at approximately 2:30 pm.

After being confronted about shoplifting a candy bar, the pictured male first shoves the owner who tried to detain him.  After another employee attempted to notify police, the suspect punched the owner in the face.  The suspect then fled on foot towards the rear of 7-Eleven into the Lake Edward neighborhood.  He was described to be about 5’5” tall, and weighed about 150-160 lbs.  The shirt worn was burgundy or maroon in color and had white lettering across the chest.

Cold Case, Solved
Carol Morrison
On Saturday morning, December 6, 1986 at 8:00 am, a fisherman made the grim discovery of a body floating in the Hell’s Point Creek located in the 1000 block of Sandbridge Road.  Police and Rescue personnel recovered the body from the water and discovered the body of a white female.  She was pronounced deceased at the scene.  The female was transported to the State Medical Examiner’s Office for autopsy.  The cause of death was determined to be drowning after the throat had been cut.
Investigators were able to determine the victim to be Carol Morrison, a 54 year old white female who had last been seen on December 3, 1986 visiting Fat Rogers Nightclub in the Hilltop area of Virginia Beach.  A Missing Person report was filed with Virginia Beach Police on December 4, 1986 at 5:30 pm.  Mrs. Morrison may have also been seen on December 5, 1986 around 4:45 pm at the 7-11 Store located in the 3900 block of Atlantic Avenue.
Carol was a 54 year old white female who had short brown hair, 5’ 7’’ tall weighing 157 pounds.
Due to the continued efforts of Virginia Beach Detectives, the suspect was identified and this case was solved September 2015.