Have you seen these people?

Zahri, Ahmed Adhel Ruhmen




Virginia Beach Crime Solvers mission is to solve and prevent crime in the Virginia Beach area in partnership with citizens, media and the criminal justice system. Crime Solvers is not a police program. Our organization provides a safe forum for citizens to report crime in their neighborhoods without the fear of retaliation.

Current Unsolved Crimes


On 10/12/19, a Hispanic female pulled up in the victim’s driveway on Atlantic Ave. and got out of the passenger door.  She proceeded to the victim’s front door and out of camera view.   She then went to the side gate and entered the victim’s backyard, proceeding to the victim’s breezeway.  The female was unable to gain entry and then left the property in the same vehicle in which she arrived.  The driver was never seen.



On 712/19, at approximately 7:38 p.m., the pictured black male entered Popeye’s Chicken, 812 Lynnhaven Pkwy., to complain about a very long wait time in the drive-thru and to demand a refund.  The manager had a long line and before she could get to him to process a refund, the suspect started yelling in the lobby and telling other customers not to purchase items.  He then threw a large glass jar filled with 100 jalapeños and smashed it on the ground.  While walking toward the front door, he grabbed a metal chair and hurled it at the front door, causing all the glass in the door to shatter out of the frame.  The damage was estimated to be $1,550 in total.



On 9/12/19, at the ABC Store on Holland Rd., the pictured male selected a 200ml bottle of Bacardi and concealed it on his person. He then grabbed a second bottle and paid for it at the register.


On 10/11/19, the pictured suspect entered the ABC on Lynnhaven Pkwy.  Once inside, he selected 3 bottles of cognac and placed them under his arms.  The suspect then walked past all points of sale without paying.


On 10/2/19, Suspect got her nails done at 757 Nails and then refused to pay the $25 bill.  The suspect then proceeded to destroy a couple of decorations in the store, one of which was a statue valued at $350.