Crime: ABC Multiple Larcenies 2022-023068


ABC Multiple Larcenies 2022-023068

On 4/15/22 and 4/19/22, at ABC Stores Oceanfront and Shore Drive, two suspects went into the stores, then left and came back in with masks on. Suspect 1 seems to be the same person as the suspect in the yellow hoodie and red mask. Suspect is  wearing the same pants. Suspect 2 has the black mask and white Marvel hoodie. Both suspects between 4 stores stole $2,233.88 in alcohol: $299 worth of Don Julio, $864.96 of different tequilas, and then $1,069.92, 7 Patron and 1 Don Julio. Total is not in for the 4th store. Suspects just picked what they wanted and walked out the door.

2022-023068, 2022-023059, 2022-023056, 2022-024143

Suspect 1

Suspect 1

Suspect 2

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