Crime: ABC Shoplifting Multiple


ABC Shoplifting Multiple

ABC Birdneck:

2023-010657  On 2/22/23, at approximately 6:55 p.m., a black male walked into the store and browsed around before concealing a bottle of alcohol underneath his jacket and exiting the store. He left the area on a bicycle.


2023-012164 Shoplifting  On 2/22/23, at approximately 6:55 p.m., a white male walked into the store, selected a bottle of Johnny Walker Blue valued at $244.99 from the shelf, put it in his jacket, and left the store past all points of sale.


2023-012144 ABC Laskin Road:  On 3/1/23, at approximately 8:40 p.m., two black females walked into the store and selected alcohol totaling to $454.94. They then proceeded past all points of sale without paying.

2023-012622 ABC Northampton Shoplifting: On 3/4/23, the pictured male entered the store, proceeded to select 3 bottles of Hennessey, and left without paying.

2023-011934 ABC Lynnhaven Parkway: Suspect entered store without a mask on and selected 6 gallon-size bottles of Hennessy. Suspect then donned a black face mask and exited the store on foot without paying.

2023-012377 ABC Virginia Beach Blvd.: On 3/3/23, the pictured female entered the ABC store, selected 2 bottles of Hennessy, and then left the store without paying.


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