Crime: Assault 2021-038281


Assault 2021-038281

On 09/13/2021, the pictured suspects had a fender bender accident in the parking lot of Food Lion on South Military Highway. They got into a verbal dispute with the two complainants that occupied the other vehicle involved. The female suspect was the driver and came out with a huge can, stating it was bear mace. The male took the can and while leaving, the male suspect sprayed both complainants with mace to their faces and other parts of their bodies. The two suspects left in a black 2005 Lexus with VA TEMP TAGS 11911C, driven by the female suspect, and headed north along South Military Highway towards Norfolk.

  • Suspect: Dark skin B/F, 20- 30 years old, about 100-110 lbs. wearing multi-color floral top, blue jeans and white slippers.
  • Suspect: B/M; 18 -30 years old, about 140-150 lbs., dressed in a white long sleeve t-shirt dark blue ripped jeans and white tennis shoes.