Crime: Church Burglary 2021-015139, -015272, -016069


Church Burglary 2021-015139, -015272, -016069

During the nighttime hours of 5/14/21 and 5/15/21, the Kempsville Mennonite Church on N. Landing Rd. was burglarized, and damage was done throughout. The church then installed security cameras. On 5/21/21 at about 9:13 p.m., the pictured suspect tried to open the door to the church, but it was locked. On the morning of 5/22/21, a report was taken at Camp Hope Haven on N. Landing Rd. for someone entering the property and committing damage like in the other cases. It appears the suspect is carrying a scooter for transportation. These two churches are within walking distance of one another.