Crime: Destruction and Larceny 2021-045373


Destruction and Larceny 2021-045373

On 10/18/21, the victim left her purse in her vehicle. Between 8:30 pm and 9:30, case 2021-045373, the suspect busted the window and stole  the purse while the vehicle was parked outside of Ikes Bar and Grill.  The suspect vehicle is a silver Mitsubishi SUV. While obtaining information related to this case, I was informed that the same vehicle was involved at Aberdeen Barn.  The first picture is from Ikes Bar and Grill, additional photos are from Aberdeen barn.  On 10/25/2021 the same vehicle was driving through the east side of parking lot of Aberdeen Barn busting windows and stealing from the vehicles.  The additional cases at Aberdeen Barn are 2021-046885, 2021-046887 and 2021-046892

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