Crime: Fraud 2023021662


Fraud 2023021662

On 4/10/23 at approximately 5:00 p.m., the victim was approached by an unknown B/F and B/M in the parking lot of Farmers International located at 1505 Lynnhaven Pkwy.  They inferred to the victim that they were from out of the area and wanted to sell her a gold necklace as they were in need of cash.  The victim agreed and had them follow her to her residence.  She paid the suspects $3,300 in exchange for what she was made to believe was a gold necklace and watch.  When the victim attempted to pawn the jewelry, she was informed by several shops that the jewelry was not gold and thus not worth what she paid.  The suspects were in a newer model Ford Explorer that was stone/charcoal gray in color with unknown tags.


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