Crime: ID Theft / Forgery & Uttering 2023-008812


ID Theft / Forgery & Uttering 2023-008812

On 2/9/23, between 9 a.m. and 10 a.m., an unknown male suspect entered the ABNB FCU located at 5288 Providence Rd. and attempted to cash a fraudulent check. The suspect presented check #2350 drawn on Chase Bank, dated 2/8/23, payable to victim in the amount of $5,500. The suspect presented a fraudulent US Passport Card containing the victim’s personal information and a picture of the suspect. The teller asked the suspect for the last four numbers of his Social Security number due to recent fraudulent activity on the account. The suspect hesitated but was able to provide the information. The suspect then fled the scene on foot, leaving the check and the fictitious US Passport Card.
The victim’s family recently had a check stolen from a mailbox in Chesapeake. Since that time, unknown suspects have cashed and attempted to cash fictitious checks against the victim’s ABNB account. Those incidents are currently being investigated by the Chesapeake Police Department.

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