Crime: Identity Theft 2022-070308 2022-070309


Identity Theft 2022-070308 2022-070309

On 5/27/2022, the pictured suspect opened an account at the Langley Salem branch location using information belonging to another individual. The suspect presented fraudulent documentation. On 5/31/22, the suspect contacted Langley FCU contact center to apply for a $10,000 personal loan. On 6/01/22, the suspect called Langley FCU to inquire about the status of his loan application. On 6/02/22, a link between this account and other fraudulent accounts was detected.

On 10/28/22, the same suspect attempted to access money from another ID theft account at the LFCU located on Virginia Beach Blvd.  At this time, LFCU made another connection to a fraudulent account by the same suspect.


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