Crime: Larceny 2023016426

Screenshot 2023-03-29 at 2.39.00 PM

Larceny 2023016426

On 3/22/23, at ABC store, Northampton Blvd., the pictured suspects walked in, grabbed a few bottles each, and ran out of the store without paying. They were seen getting into a white Toyota Corolla, unknown tags. 

Suspects:     B/M, skinny build, black zip-up hoodie, black pants, and dark shoes

                       B/M, skinny build, black hoodie with “nightmare” written on it and a skull, light jeans, and black shoes.

                       B/M, skinny build, black hoodie with green writing, black pants, and green Crocs

                       B/M, medium build, white bubble coat, black jeans, and black shoes.

                       B/F, heavy build, white and black shirt, jeans, black and white shoes.

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