Crime: Larceny / Credit Card Fraud 2023006125


Larceny / Credit Card Fraud 2023006125

On 1/30/23 at Southport Circle, the victim’s car was broken into, and shortly thereafter the suspects entered Walmart at Town Center with a stack of stolen credit cards and IDs and attempted to use those stolen credit cards to purchase gift cards.  When the cards were declined, the suspects put a stack of gift cards in their pockets and left the store. They left the parking lot in a silver Jeep SUV, unknown tags.

Suspect 1: B/F, red long braids, jeans, dark clothing, slipper shoes

Suspect 2: B/M, black hat, green hooded sweatshirt or jacket, dark pants

Suspect 3: U/M, black jacket, black ski mask, distressed jeans, unique crocs

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