Crime: Larceny from Vehicle 2021-001414


Larceny from Vehicle 2021-001414

Between 01/13/21, 1900 hours and 01/14/21, 0753 hours, unknown persons entered the victim’s work Van a 2203 Ford F250, and stole a Craftsman drill, Craftsman kit. that includes a reciprocation saw, 3 battery packs, and 1 charger.  The cameras are motion activated and caught the following on video.  At 0438 hours, the sedan enters the parking lot, parks at the very end and the subject in the green florescent jacket is seen coming from between one of the vans opens the passenger side cargo van of the victim’s vehicle. The video ends and there is no video of the theft.  The sedan leaves at 0451 hours.  AT 0620 hours the white SUV is seen in front of the victim’s van that was opened previously by the subject at approximately 0440 hours but didn’t catch anything else.