Crime: Motor Vehicle Larceny 2023036639


Motor Vehicle Larceny 2023036639

On 6/29/23 on Chadwick Drive: The pictured individuals were seen walking into the 7-Eleven located near the intersection of Village/Laskin Rd. The male wearing the sunglasses was seen getting out of a stolen vehicle (’22 Kia Sorento) and walking inside the 7-Eleven to purchase gas. The male in the light-colored jacket was seen driving a black sedan (possibly stolen). These two individuals were seen talking outside of the 7-Eleven before walking in separately. There is possibly a third individual which arrived in a black pickup truck (possibly stolen). This incident occurred at approximately 4:26 a.m. One victim’s vehicle was recovered in Norfolk; however, the suspects are still at large. This case also appears to be linked to other stolen autos in the Hampton Roads area.

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