Crime: Motor Vehicle Theft 2021-048495


Motor Vehicle Theft 2021-048495

The victim arrived at the 3000 block of Monet Dr. to pick up her child from daycare. Shortly thereafter, a gold Acura with temporary tags entered the parking lot and parked a few spaces away. A black male exited the driver’s seat and moved to the passenger side of the victim’s Jeep. He began to go through items in the car and discovered that the victim left her keys in the vehicle. He then signaled to the occupants in the Acura at which point a male in the passenger seat of the Acura moved to the driver’s seat. The black male in the Jeep got into the driver’s seat and both vehicles departed the daycare center parking lot. The victim’s Jeep was later recovered in Norfolk. The gold Acura has been related to gang use by Sex Money Murder.

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