Crime: Robbery 2019-048846


Robbery 2019-048846

On December 26, 2019, the victim posted her friends Xbox for sale on Instagram. The suspect, who she recognized as a former classmate of hers at Renaissance, sent her a message that he wanted to buy it for $180. At approximately 1920 hours the suspect arrived at the residence on Hawk Ave, got out of the passenger side of a white SUV and made contact with the victim. Both engaged in a brief conversation when the suspect reached for the Xbox, hitting the victim in the chest and knocking her backwards. The victim stated the suspect then snatched the Xbox from her hands. The victim described this as all happening in one motion. Nothing was said during the incident. The suspect then jumped back in the passenger side of the white SUV and the vehicle left the area.

The victim stated that she knows the suspect graduated from Renaissance last year from “AB” but doesn’t know his real name.

Suspect(s) / Vehicle(s): : Light Skin B/M, 17-19 y/o, 5’10-6’0, thin build, Medium afro, peach fuzz facial hair, wearing a black jacket and blue jeans. Passenger in a White SUV.