Crime: Shoplifting 2021-008147


Shoplifting 2021-008147

On 03/10/21, at Conns on Virginia Beach Blvd. between 7:43 p.m. and 8:43 p.m., the pictured suspect moved and hid a Bose sound bar, valued at $799.99, in the furniture area.  The suspect also moved a Bose Subwoofer, valued at $699.99, to the rear emergency exit area in a room, hiding it next to a shelf.  The suspect then exited the store and retrieved a rug from his vehicle, letting employees know that he was using the rug to pick out matching furniture.  The suspect concealed the sound bar in the rug and exited the store.  He then came back into the store empty-handed and retrieved the subwoofer but was unable to leave the store with it without being seen. The suspect placed the subwoofer back on the shelf and left the store.