Crime: Shoplifting 2022-061188 -060428 -072992


Shoplifting 2022-061188 -060428 -072992

On 9/9/22, the suspect entered the ABC store located at 2973 Shore Dr #101. He proceeded to choose $19.11 worth of airplane bottles and conceal them in his pockets. He then went to the checkout counter and purchased a few airplane bottles. (2022-061188)

On 9/12/22, he repeated his crime in the same manner. During checkout on this occasion the clerk asked for an ID. The ID suspect turned over had the name of Anthony Rawlins Jr. The manager advised that he has used fake IDs to try to purchase alcohol on different occasions. (2022-060428)

On 9/15/22, the suspect returned and stole $3.96 worth of airplane bottles in the same manner and purchased other items. (2022-072992)

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