Crime: Shoplifting 2023018152


Shoplifting 2023018152

On 3/30/23 at approximately 12:30 p.m., 2 unidentified B/M subjects entered the Food Lion on Ferrell Parkway separately and filled grocery carts with mainly expensive meat and seafood products. The subject wearing a white zip-up style track jacket with designs on the sleeves then passed all points of purchase without paying and left the store. Food Lion staff were alerted and confronted that individual in the parking lot where he left the cart and then left the parking lot allegedly in a Nissan Rogue. The second subject in red shirt and shorts left his cart inside the store prior to exiting, which led staff to believe he was contacted by the other subject. The items that were taken outside the store, although recovered, had to be disposed due to store/franchise policy while the items in the cart left in the store were returned to the shelves.

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