Crime: Stolen Vehicle 2019-040095

2019-040095 1

Stolen Vehicle 2019-040095

Summary: On 10/20/2019, the victim left his vehicle running at the pumps, while inside 7-11 paying for gas and merchandise. At approximately 0517 am hours, suspect #1 entered the 7-11 then exited getting into the passenger side of white SUV that was parked next to the victim’s vehicle a 2004 grey Lexus GS300. Suspect #2 wearing a red hoodie exited the driver’s side of the SUV and entered the driver’s side of the victim’s vehicle stealing it. Both vehicles then drove off. No license plate was able to be obtained on the suspect vehicle.

Suspect #1: B/M, age 25-30, height 5’08- 5’10”, weight 170, black hoodie with NASA Emblem on the front.

Suspect #2: U/M, , height 6’01”, weight unk, red hoodie