Crime: Suspicious Activity – Car Larcenies

Suspicious activity

Suspicious Activity – Car Larcenies

On November 10, 2020 during the early morning overnight hours, a silver Cadillac SUV with dark tinted windows similar to the stock model pictured below, entered the Condo parking garage. Shore Dr. Harbor Gate Condos. Three suspects exited the vehicle and began checking door handles on numerous vehicles in the garage. One of the suspects moved the video camera as they went through the garage. One suspect remained behind the wheel. A few vehicles were entered but no residents have made a police report at this time. The security staff confronted the suspects but did not record a license tag, the suspects quickly entered the SUV and drove off. The staff states this vehicle has been seen in their lot 3 times over the past few weeks and that the Cape Henry Tower condos across the street have had similar suspicious activity from this vehicle. Possibly related to stolen vehicle and car larcenies off Shore Dr. and the Great Neck road corridor. Suspects: 3 Black males, all dark clothing wearing masks, hoodie jackets, ball caps with appearance completely obscured.