Crime: Theft of Shoes 2019-048107


Theft of Shoes 2019-048107

On 12/5/19, the pictured black male entered a shoe store at Landstown Commons and engaged with store clerks multiple times.  The pictured black female entered a few minutes later and went to the women’s shoes area.  The black male went to the back of the store and selected a pair of Nike shoes.  He proceeded to cut tags and security devices off of the shoes and placed them under his hoodie.  He then placed the empty box back on the shelf and proceeded to the front of the store.   He appeared to make contact with the black female before again engaging the store employees at the register.  The black female concealed a pair of women’s UGG boots and then both suspects quickly exited the store.  The black female set off the security sensor at the door as she left.  Both suspects entered a bronze or gold sedan and fled the area at a high rate of speed.