Crime: Vehicle Theft / Hit and Run 2021-008108


Vehicle Theft / Hit and Run 2021-008108

On 3/17/21, at approximately 6:54 a.m., at least two unknown persons, one appearing to be male (pictured),
approached the 5000 block of Bayside Road with the pictured dark-colored SUV. One person stayed inside the driver side of the SUV while one person ran to a black truck and attempted to start it and drive away. The truck started but did not move due to maintenance issues. The suspect then went to a 2014 black Toyota Camry which had the key inside and doors unlocked.  That vehicle was stolen. As the stolen Camry met Bayside Road, an officer saw the vehicle run a red traffic signal and head south on Diamond Springs Rd.  Shortly after, the driver of the stolen vehicle struck a utility pole and then fled the scene.