Fugitive: Barker, Krystal Mae

Barker, Krystal

Barker, Krystal Mae

Wanted for: Felony Revocation of Suspended Sentence, Simple Assault and Battery of LEO, and Felony Failure to Appear, Driving on Suspended License w/accident

Warrant Dated: 3/18/2019

UPDATE, Krystal was arrested on 5/2/22.

Virginia Beach Police would appreciate your help to locate Krystal Mae Barker.  Krystal is 30 years old, 5 feet tall, and Approx. 115 lbs.  Krystal has used different names: Krystal Mae Justice, Mae Krystal Lamb, Krystal Justice.  Last known to live in Ocean View area of Norfolk.


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