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  • I hereby apply to become a Member of the Virginia Beach Crime Solvers, Inc. I understand that acceptance of my application is at the sole discretion of the sitting Board of Directors. As a member, I agree to actively support and promote the Virginia Beach Crime Solvers by:

    • Attending the regular monthly board meetings and other meetings as called by the Chair;
    • Serving as an active member of a committee when appointed;
    • Consider service as an Officer of the Board if nominated;
    • Participate in fundraising efforts as required
    • Represent the Virginia Beach Crime Solvers at community events as needed;
    • Assist the Chair or Executive Board in other ways as needed or requested;
    • Will pay yearly dues, currently in the amount of $150.00.

    I further agree that if for any reason I am unable to fulfill my responsibilities as a member of the Virginia Beach Crime Solvers Board of Directors, I will so inform the Chair in writing and resign from the Board.

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