Virginia Beach Crimes Solvers, Incorporated is a non-profit organization, owned and operated by a civilian board of directors.  Duties of the board include fundraising, promoting the program, deciding the amount of rewards, public speaking engagements, and networking with Crime Stoppers USA and other Crime Stoppers Program.

Susan Owen Chair
Kathy Hieatt Vice Chair
Daniel D. Edwards Treasurer
Dan Kennedy Secretary
Mary Kaye Tyson Financial Coordinator
Mike Carey Director at Large
Don Albee Board Member
Rick Amelon Board Member
Bonnie P. Capito Board Member
Jimmy Capps Board Member
Ray Eisenberg Board Member
Jamie Fanelli Board Member
Ross Forster Board Member
Dr. Valerio Genta Board Member
Carleen Lombardo Board Member
Tammy Maloney Board Member
Jim McKinney Board Member
James Metcalfe Board Member
Stuart Grimes-Myers Board Member
Ragan Pulley, Jr Board Member
Lawrence E. (Larry) Ronan Board Member
Troy Snead Board Member
Ruth Ann Steenburgh Board Member
Thomas Thatcher Board Member
Donald R. “Doc” Thrush Board Member
Marion Wall Board Member
Francis L. (Bud) Warren, Jr. Board Member
Dan Wasserman Board Member
Nate Whybrew Board Member
Alfred W. Craft, III Emeritus Member
Joseph G. (Joe) O’ Brien Emeritus Member
Houston (Hu) Odom, Jr. Emeritus Member
MPO Tonya Borman Advisory Member
Sheila Duvall Advisory Member
Nancy Guy Advisory Member
Chris Roberts Advisory Member
Laura Roland Advisory Member
Michael Standing Advisory Member
L. L. (Larry) Sutton Advisory Member
Betsy Taylor Advisory Member
Lawrence M. Weinstein Advisory Member