Crime: ABC Larceny 2024026607


ABC Larceny 2024026607

On 5/5/24, at approximately 4:19 p.m., the pictured female subjects entered the ABC store at Providence Square with large bags and walked around the store. The female in the red sweatshirt concealed a Bumbu Rum alcohol drink inside her diaper bag that she was carrying while the female she was with acted as a lookout. Both females exited the store shortly after without paying. 

Suspect #1:  B/F, black dreadlocks (possibly green tips) light-grey sweatshirt, light-blue jeans, pink sandals, black bag.

Suspect #2:  B/F, red sweatshirt w/black lettering, light-blue jeans, red Crocs, grey diaper bag w/unicorn print.

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