Crime: ABC Shopliftings 2024000083 Northampton


ABC Shopliftings 2024000083 Northampton

From 01/09/24- 01/21/24, there were numerous thefts that occurred at the ABC store.

On 1/10/24 at 2051 hrs., B/M, tan jacket, grey slides, stole numerous bottles of tequila.

On 1/10/24 at 2053 hrs., B/M, grey raincoat, tan hoodie underneath, black beanie, and B/F, black jacket, tan bag, stole tequila, Cognac, and Hennessey.

On 1/13/24 at 1659 hrs., B/M, black tracksuit, grey hat, Cowboys bandana over face, stole numerous bottles of tequila.

On 1/17/24 at 1930 hrs., B/M, black coat with “Lost Visions” on back, camo pants, and B/M, black coat, grey hoodie, light-colored pants, stole Cognac, Hennessey and Don Julio tequila.

On 1/19/24 at 1945 hrs., B/M, black jacket with hood, ripped blue jeans, mask over face, and B/M, wearing black tracksuit with logo on front, white sneakers, and black mask stole 2 bottles of tequila.

On 1/20/24 at 1122 hrs., W/M, long beard, wearing camo jacket and jeans, and B/M, brown coat, blue ballcap. W/M concealed bottle of Buffalo Trace Cream while B/M distracted staff.

On 1/21/24 at 1257 hrs., B/M wearing tan leather jacket with fleece trim and tan knit hat, stole numerous bottles of tequila.


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