Crime: Attempted Burglary 2023057301

Screenshot 2023-11-07 092404

Attempted Burglary 2023057301

On 10/8/23, the pictured two individuals ran over from Wendy’s and approached Nimmo Tobacco and Vape located at 2476 Nimmo Parkway. The skinnier of the two subjects threw something at the glass door, shattering it. The other subject cleared the glass out and the two entered the business. Before they could take anything, the owner yelled out from the back of the store, scaring them off. Subjects are most likely related to other similar cases in the city.

Suspect 1: W/M, skinny build, wearing black balaclava, black gloves, all black clothing, carrying white bag.
Suspect 2: U/M, heavier build, wearing black mask, black hoodie, grey pants, black and white shoes, carrying brown bag.

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