Crime: Burglary / Larceny 2023042298


Burglary / Larceny 2023042298


On 7/23/23 at Coastal Edge, 312 21st street, at approximately 4 a.m., four suspects broke into the store, selected items totaling $600, as well as cash, before leaving on foot westbound.

Suspect 1: W/U, wearing a grey hoodie, black pants, black mask, light tan/grey Nike shoes with white soles, black backpack.

Suspect 2: W/U, wearing a black jacket, light blue mask, black pants, black/white sneakers, brown/burgundy backpack.

Suspect 3: W/U, heavy-set, wearing a black hoodie, dark grey pants, black shoes with white soles, red mask, black backpack.

Suspect 4: W/U, wearing a black hoodie, black pants, black shoes, black backpack.

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