Crime: Destruction of Property 2023061932

Screenshot 2023-11-08 at 3.21.49 PM

Destruction of Property 2023061932

On 10/29/23, the pictured individual went to three different banks along General Booth Blvd. and Dam Neck Rd.: Truist, Wells Fargo, and ABNB. At each bank, he rode his bike up to the ATM and applied Super Glue to the money-withdrawal shutter door, preventing the door from opening. The suspect did the same thing at ABNB on 10/20/23. 

Suspect / Vehicle:  W/M riding a black-and-white bike with yellow handlebars. On 10/20, male was wearing a striped long-sleeve shirt and black pants. The bike had a basket on it. On 10/29, the male was wearing a black jacket, dark shorts, red beanie, and a plaid face covering. The bike had a white cup holder.    

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