Crime: Larceny 2024012368

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Larceny 2024012368

This case involves several incidents at ABC Northampton. Incident #1 occurred on 2/26/24: B/M, medium build, wearing face mask, blue jeans, and a camo jacket, entered the store and grabbed 3 bottles of Patron, 3 bottles of Casamigos, Don Julio, and Hennessey. He left without paying. It is suspected the same suspect returned on 3/1/24 wearing a red-and-black puffy jacket, camo pants, and a face mask. He stole Hennessey and Patron. The same suspect came back to the store on 3/5/24. This time he was wearing a black puffy jacket, blue jeans, and face mask. He stole Hennessey, Patron, Casamigos, and Don Julio.

On 3/2/24, a younger B/M entered the store and stole a bottle of peach brandy.

On 3/5/24, three B/M’s entered the store and stole numerous bottles of tequila.

Susp 1: B/M, came in on 2/26/24, 3/1/24, and 3/2/24 wearing different clothing each time. He appears to be medium build.

Susp 2: B/M, thin build, younger, wearing a light-colored jacket with hood, and dark pants. 3/2/24.

Susp 3: B/M, heavyset, clean shaven, wearing a black-and-white hat, black T-shirt, orange underpants, and black sweatpants with stripes down the side. 3/5/24.

Susp 4: B/M, medium build, wearing black hoodie with white logo on front. 3/5/24.

Susp 5: B/M, thin build, wearing black hoodie, torn jeans, and black sneakers. 3/5/24.

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