Crime: Larceny 2024029638


Larceny 2024029638

6/3/24, 2701 N. Mall Drive:

The loss prevention officer for Dick’s Sporting Goods stated that she witnessed a male suspect conceal items in his pants. At this time, the LP officer advised she is unsure of how many items were stuffed in suspect’s pants or exactly what items they might me. The LP officer also advised that the male suspect was with a female suspect who also concealed items in her bag.

The LP officer stated that both the male and female suspects had a shopping cart full of items. They both left the carts but took a pair of Nike Jordan shoes ($65) along with a pair of women’s Nike shorts ($48). The LP officer advised that both suspects left with more than just those two items, but she is unsure of what else was stuffed in the woman’s bag and the male’s pants.


Black male, approximately 30-40 years old, about 5’9”-6 feet tall, blue jeans, white sneakers, white T-shirt.

Black female, approximately 35-40 years old, about 5’3”-5’7” tall, black pants, white slides, black T-shirt.


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