Crime: Larceny / Fraud 2024004158


Larceny / Fraud 2024004158

1/23/24 at TJ Maxx on VB Blvd. and Lynnhaven Mall: The victim was shopping inside TJ Maxx when she was approached by suspect #1. She said the female asked her questions in a different language and distracted her while her purse was unknowingly taken out of her shopping cart. Shortly after the incident, victim began receiving notifications from her multiple bank accounts of fraudulent transactions occurring at the Macy’s, Sephora, and the Apple Store inside of Lynnhaven Mall.  The victim believes suspect #1 had a wig on under her beanie. Loss prevention (LP) at TJ Maxx is very certain they had dealt with the two female suspects before as LP followed them out of the store after witnessing them take a purse out of a shopping cart on a different occasion. LP followed them into Food Lion next-door where she discovered they changed clothes/disguises which proved to be consistent with footage obtained from Lynnhaven Mall. Suspect #2 was seen in TJ Maxx with Suspect #1, as well as the at the mall, as they both were accompanied by the pictured male. They purposefully walked at a distance from each other inside the mall and followed the male subject around to different stores. Camera footage from mall security showed they also purposefully parked far away from the mall parking lot to avoid having their mode of transportation seen on camera.

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