Crime: Motor Vehicle Theft 2023033953

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Motor Vehicle Theft 2023033953

On 6/16/23, the suspects entered the parking lot for Egret Landing condos. The 2 individuals were seen on camera driving through the parking lot slowly in a white work van towing a blue trailer. When they got to the victim’s black and purple 2000 Yamaha, they stopped the van, pulled off the bike cover, rolled the bike onto the blue trailer, and left the area.

Suspect 1: Heavyset White male, black T-shirt, blue athletic shorts with black-and-white stripes, white shoes.

Suspect 2: White male, 50-60 years old, black T-shirt, brown shorts.

Suspect vehicle: White Ford work van, 3rd sliding door w/ window, pipe racks on top, multiple stickers covering the back window. Blue trailer w/ ramp, chrome wheel wells.

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