Crime: Multiple ABC Shopliftings


Multiple ABC Shopliftings

SUSPECT HAS BEEN IDENTIFIED  Larceny 2024000083 ABC Northampton
1/1/24 Suspect male entered the store, stopped to sanitize his hands then grabbed a bottle of Hennessey and left without paying. $63.99

Larceny 2024001186

on 1/5/24 ABC Independence Suspect entered the store, walked straight to the tequila section, grabbed a 1/2 gallon bottle of Lunazul, then walked out without paying.  $45.99

Larceny 2024002761
1/13/24  ABC Providence Square, Suspect entered the store, grabbed a bottle of D’usse then walked out without paying $63.48

Larceny 2024003027

On 1/17/24 ABC Shore Drive: Suspect entered the store grabbed a bottle of Patron, 2 bottles of Don Julio and a Bottle of Patron Extra, he left without paying, Manager saw him get into a red SUV $233.97

Larceny 2024004105

ON 1/14/24 Suspect entered ABC on Shore Drive, put alcohol into her jacket, then left the store. $42.99

Larceny 2024003414

ABC Shore drive, Suspect male stole multiple bottles of alcohol from the store.  $157.79

Larceny 2024004075 & 2024003315

ABC Lynnhaven Parkway Suspect entered the store, and left with a Bottle of D’usse without paying,  $157.79

On the same day he came back and stole $999.98 worth of alcohol.

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