Crime: Obtaining by False Pretense 2023-027468


Obtaining by False Pretense 2023-027468

On 5/3/23, the victim was expecting a FedEx package that required a signature. When FedEx attempted delivery, he was not home. He was advised it would be brought to CVS, 1280 N. Great Neck Rd., which is a FedEx access point. He received a notification on 5/5/23 at approximately 11:30 a.m. that his package had arrived at the access point. At 12:25 p.m., he received another notification of the package being picked up, but he was not the one to do so nor had he directed anyone to do so.

The clerk at CVS advised that a black female came in shortly after the package arrived wearing a lanyard displaying courier credentials as well as what looked like a business tablet. The suspect presented her credentials with her valid VA driver’s license. After her credentials were confirmed by the clerk, the suspect presented the tablet which showed an authorization form to release the package belonging to the victim as well as a front and back scanned copy of the victim’s VA driver’s license. The clerk confirmed the information was correct and released the item to the suspect. The suspect arrived and left on foot towards the northwest end of the parking lot. The victim has never had his driver’s license stolen or lost.

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