Crime: Petit Larceny / Concealment 2023050835 & 2023050839

Screenshot 2023-09-20 at 12.21.45 PM

Petit Larceny / Concealment 2023050835 & 2023050839

On 8/27/23 at Walmart on Phoenix Drive, the pictured suspects selected vitamins, Nicorette, and printer ink cartridges. They went to the self-checkout, scanned lower-priced items, and swindled the employee into voiding merchandise off their purchase. Employees became suspicious during the transaction and started questioning the suspects at which time the suspects became hostile. The suspects paid for their transaction in cash and left with some unpaid merchandise valued at less than $1,000. On 9/3/23, the same suspects plus a new suspect entered the store and loaded the cart with vitamins, Nicorette, and various other merchandise. Once they realized they were being followed, they abandoned the shopping cart and left the store.

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