Crime: Shoplifting 2023038780


Shoplifting 2023038780

On 7/6/23 at Target, 4554 Virginia Beach Blvd., around 3 p.m., two suspects left the store without paying for a Hisense 50″ TV. The third suspect was waiting in a dark blue Nissan SUV as the driver.

Suspect 1 who pushed the card with the TV in  it: B/M, 20’s, about 6′, short twist/dreads, wearing a white hat, white Unlimited Graphic T-shirt, black pants, white shoes.

Suspect 2 who just walked in and out with Suspect 1: B/M, 20’s, 5’8, black sweater, black pants, one shoe with orange laces and one shoe with black laces, medium length dreads.

Suspect 3 drove the vehicle and never entered the store.

Suspect Vehicle: Dark blue Nissan SUV, possible tags VDX9938 or VDK9938, both return not on file in VA.

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