Crime: Shoplifting 2023061247

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Shoplifting 2023061247

On 10/27/23, two female suspects entered Walgreens on Lynnhaven Pkwy., and proceeded to the skin care aisle. They were observed putting some skin care merchandise into their large bags.  The female suspects also concealed three large bottles of Gain soap pods. They exited the store without paying for the items and were observed getting into a blue Honda Accord with VA temp tags. The total amount of the items taken was less than $1,000. It is believed these females have stolen from other Walgreens in the Hampton Roads area.

Suspects:  B/F, 20’s, heavy-set, 5′ to 5’3, hair wrap, white shirt, black yoga pants; B/F. tall, medium build, long hair, black coat.

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