Crime: Shoplifting 2024029250


Shoplifting 2024029250

On 5/28/24, subject entered the electronics department at Target on Independence Blvd. and asked for 2 Canon camera kits out of the locked case to perform an “exchange” at the service desk.  The team member brought the cameras to the service desk while the subject waited in line for her turn.  The subject then reached over the desk and grabbed both cameras, claiming she was going to purchase them at the checkout lanes.  The subject then bagged both cameras (never attempting to scan them) at a self-checkout register that was currently being used by a different guest.  The subject left the property at 8:16 p.m. with both cameras bagged, without rendering payment, and got into the passenger side of a dark-colored SUV, which was parked too far away to determine the make or model.  The photo of subject in the heavy jacket is when she did this back in January.

January 2024

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